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Impact Concept Group

make a positive impact in the world today

Consulting & Advisory Services

Our team has extensive international experience in sales, marketing and business development. We specialize in producing cutting edge marketing materials for new products and services, launching successful sales campaigns, establishing B2B sales channels, boosting digital marketing, and improving social media management. We organize business events worldwide, build long lasting partnerships and collaborations and bridge the gap between the private sector and the state. We are a team of strategic, decisive and motivated business leaders focused on taking new products and services to a new level of client awareness providing consulting services to major players and startups.

Media & Production Solutions

Impact Concept Group offers creative content and video production solutions. Our team believes in the power of storytelling, in stories that engage, inspire, and make a positive impact in the world. The company’s founder Alina Reyzelman is passionate about developing content that is both thought provoking, insightful, and entertaining at the same time. Filmmaking became her way to express artistic vision, creativity and bring attention to important topics and matters of society. That’s why Alina’s projects focus on social issues across cultures, inspirational content, self-improvement and promotion of education and the importance of tolerance. Our team specializes in creating documentaries, short films, podcasts, promotional videos, and digital series.

Coaching and Educational Programs

Impact Concept Group is dedicated to produce innovative, revolutionary online coaching programs for people who want to take action to improve every aspect of their life.  Our goal is to help people to find purpose and clarity in life by focusing on inner self, awareness, and authenticity. The training programs are designed to focus on self-evaluation, improving productivity, setting achievable goals, eliminating negative thoughts, practicing self-awareness and living life to the fullest. Our educational content provides a proven coaching method that captures the very best of what has been offered in the field of personal development, leadership, psychology, and spiritual practices.

Alina Reyzelman

CEO & founder

Alina Reyzelman is the Founder of Impact Concept Group LLC. Alina is a corporate executive, who held various senior sales and leadership roles for global blue-chip companies in Eastern Europe, Holland, United Kingdom, and the USA. She has broad experience in strategic business expansion, revamping company operations, and staff coaching.

As a self-made entrepreneur, results- oriented professional with 20+ years’ experience with demonstrated success in revenue growth for established businesses and startups, Alina brings a wealth of experience on how to manage and scale a successful sales and marketing team in a high growth environment.

Alina is actively engaged in charitable work and the creative arts, especially filmmaking and writing screenplays. She is an inventor of transformative coaching program LEAD 2.0.; the creator of SuperEats app; health & wellness activist.